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I used to be in my studio almost every day, making some sort of artwork, be it a sculpture, some writing & research, drawing or painting.

Since 2009 I haven’t been able to make any art of any sort due to building a house, for someone else, on land that was once collective. The absence of a consistent creative practice in my life has created a vast hole and the prevalence of work done on a computer has made me almost forget how to make physical marks.

Three years ago I also started Digital Desperados – a Film making course for women of colour. We¹ve run the course twice so far and the creativity of the women involved has been so inspiring but again it points to needing the time to make my own work.

The remedy is trying to draw something every day, to shoot footage, or to observe and craft something, to take some time out albeit short and snatched in between hammering nails & stuffing insulation. I¹m saving up all the insights, all the images for when my time is my own in 2013. cherrybanquet.wordpress.com

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