Coral Short

1938088_10152209760026327_1986699412_ncoral short | International queer performance artist

My art practice is about celebrating and maximizing queerness. Often pushing camp to the extreme, I use humor as a playful entry point into radical politics.

My work aims to communicate the breadth of our interpersonal relationships as they subvert and resist heteronormativity, never shying away from intimacy and sexuality.

Since the inception of my art career I have been instinctually drawn to projects that are collaborative and collective in nature. I envision my artistic practice as a part of a dynamic movement, rather than an isolated endeavour. I try to harness the collective imaginings of my community to serve it up on a glittering platter to all. I work in the realm of fantasy and magic to find reprieve for myself and others. I transform the ordinary into the extraordinary while engaging actively with the communities that I travel and work in across Europe and North America. Responding to the international queer culture all around me, my corpus is constantly refreshing itself, rending my work in constant flux.

Coral Short was born on a beautiful island off the west coast of Canada and was raised by a lively river in the countryside where her eccentric family lived off the land. She spends a fair amount of time dispersing her magic around the globe – in the air, on railroad tracks and highways all the while curating and doing artist residencies. Coral has performed and screened her videos in Asia, North America, and Europe for the last 15 years. Melding nightlife with fine art, her practice casts magic spells on her audiences enabling them to understand that many fantastical realities can and do happen at any given moment. Over the years she has transformed groups of performers into machines, animals and different genders. Her group work ranges from intimate collaborations to large scale interactive performances with over 500 people. But lately she has become obsessed with creating a new video every week for: Short has many beloved people, communities, and locations that she calls home. Short and her countless projects move at the speed of light; ironically she is the most still when she travels. 1624662_10152209759751327_651789411_n

Coral Short and Mascha Nehls have worked together on projects since 2005.  Lesbian Hand Gestures was shot with Mascha Nehls in Berlin a few years ago.  Coral Short and Mascha first started collaborating on B movies with a collective called Burnout Films in Glasgow in 2005.  In 2010 they did several performances together including Blending In at SPAM in NYC and a Piss In in Parc La Fontaine in snowy Montreal.  Their most recent project “We Don’t Want to Marry…” made last winter in Berlin can be viewed on Coral’s new video project:

film link:

Lesbian Hand Gestures