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Foto: Valerie Anex Tempelhof

Therese Koppe

Therese Koppe *1985 in Berlin-Ost, lebt und arbeitet als Filmemacherin und Künstlerin in Berlin.
Ihr Schwerpunkt liegt im Bereich des künstlerischer Dokumentarfilms, mit einem besonderen Interesse an hybriden Formen.
Ihr Dokumentarfilm IM STILLEN LAUT (2019, 74’), ist ein Porträt der Künstlerin Erika Stürmer-Alex und der Lektorin Christine Müller-Stosch und verhandelt Fragen zu Liebe, Alter, Kunst und DDR-Geschichte. Seit über 40 Jahren ein Paar, haben Erika und Tine auf ihrem Kunsthof in Lietzen, am Rande des Oderbruchs, 1982 einen künstlerischen Freiraum geschaffen, der bis heute besteht. Der Film ist im Verleih der Edition Salzgeber.
Ihr neues Filmprojekt mit dem Arbeitstitel HAUNTING HEIMAT ist eine Koproduktion mit Künstlerinnen und Frauen aus Namibia, die über Oral History und die Auseinandersetzung mit postkolonialen Realitäten Namibias, die deutsche Verantwortung dieser Kolonialität bis heute befragt.
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Im Stillen Laut


Foto: Valerie Anex Tempelhof

vika kirchenbauer

vika-kirchenbauerVika Kirchenbauer is an artist and writer currently working and residing in Berlin. 

In her work she explores opacity in relation to representation of the ʻotheredʼ through ostensibly contradictory methods like exaggerated explicitness, oversharing and perversions of participatory culture.

Her work has been exhibited in a wide range of contexts in about forty countries and has won prizes at festivals in the United States, South Korea, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Norway, Slovakia, Poland, Bosnia and Italy.

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like rats leaving a sinking ship

(24’33”, exp. documentary, germany, 2012)


Lyrically poignant yet contained, ‘Like rats leaving a sinking ship’ is an intimate piece that combines personal subjectivity with the clinical objectivity of medical reports, challenging the very notions of these categories.

The film is partly based on the author’s psychiatric assessments diagnosing her with ‘Gender Identity Disorder’, in accordance with the International Classification of Diseases. Along with the discourse of the legally mandatory documents for transgender people are her own personal writings that reflect upon the nature of memory – the present interpretation of the past – and question the possibility of any coherent biographic or filmic narrative.

As evocative images inconspicuously blend with found family footage, a multilayered reality emerges in which the distinction between what is true or false becomes unimportant and obsolete.

Although in line with topics such as general assumptions of gender, or ‘popular knowledge’ of transgender people, ‘Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship’ is, in fact, a deep reflection on the relation of ‘abnormal individuals’ to authority apparatuses such as state, law and psychiatry.


You Are Boring!, 2015
Please Relax Now, 2014
Kingdom Come, 2014
Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship, 2012



lamathildeApproach: the word of authority, critical of authority

Reappropriation of speech and criticism and make it a standard or an authority, then re questioning this new authority and continue this process again and again.

This approach is only possible with an associated decline in a humorous vision and the use of rhetoric. (art and technique of persuasion that is propaganda language in image)

Any form of ideological oppression necessarily involves language and it is up to the artist to dismantle stereotypes.

Thinking about social class hierarchy in speeches. Submission to conventions

Fascism within social family and marital structures.

Each is assigned to its fixed place, always socially established in the interest of society.

We know the originality does not really exist, everything has been said and then repeated re-quotes.

I manipulate, modify, and divert these said rédits culture.

Reversal language levels within power relations.

Break the mold ready to think and willing to talk in which each of us flows without even thinking.

My job is to make visible and “audible” which looks into the language of images and language.

Lamathilde is a video-sound-performance artist. Her work investigates identity through sexuality and gender using low-grade video, super 8, manipulated film footage and stop-motion animation. Sound is at the core of her practice. Her work has been shown in many galleries and international festivals around the world, including Pink Screens – Brussels, Festival des films gais et lesbiens – Paris, London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival , Mix Festival – New York.

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still from HangmanReexamination of a widely known game, in which drawing is far from a trivial activity, a video about suicide and love.


nikki forrest

nikki forrestI have been making video since 1989. At that time I lived in a small city in Western Canada where I worked at an artist-run-centre. A group of us started a video production collective with some old equipment donated by a cable TV station. I was always interested in experimental film and sound although my background was in drawing and painting. Video seemed to be a medium that could contain aspects of various things I wanted to explore: time, image, sound, text, movement. Since then I have made many short experimental videos that have been shown at festivals and galleries including: The Mix Festival (New York), The Glasgow Film and Video Workshop, The Oberhausen Short film and Video Festival (Germany), Ausland (Berlin), Le Center d¹Art Santa Monica (Barcelona), Signal and Noise (Vancouver), The Images Festival (Toronto) and the Festival Internationale du Films sur l¹Art (Montreal). I have also participated in several international artists residencies including The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec studio exchange in Buenos Aires and The Canada Council studio at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. I am interested in the interactions between technology, memory and the senses and also more generally in the idea that technology can be used as a way to explore, extend and develop the senses.

Film Link: Flip/Bend (Part 1)

Flip Bend (Part 1) / 2013 / 8;30 min / low saturated color / stereo sound / no dialogue
« Flip/Bend (Part 1) » is from a recent series of videos that work with perception, gravity and the body as points of departure. In this series I was interested in looking for ways to explore the nature of our perceptual contact with the world. I also wanted to create a sense of instability and uncertainty. Drawing on the history of early experimental film and early performance video, visual and perceptual effects were made using live, physical strategies. This video attempts to create an artificial perceptual field. Proprioceptive, exteroceptive and kinesthetic senses are momentarily challenged making it difficult to maintain a clear sense of what is happening. We know that perception is circumstantial and based partly on what we alreday believe to be possible. In these videos I wanted to explore moments of rupture where these basic assumptions no longer make sense. I am interested in how we apply judgment and interpretation to the signs presented to us by our senses. Our judgment is neither purely sensory nor logical and it may transcend both reason and experience. Consciousness is a process that includes both sensing and reasoning and it can be thought of as a projective activity. I wanted to draw attention to this by trying to materialize (or at least make visible) some of the overlapping psychological and physiological aspects of perception. There is also (I hope!) a humorous aspect to the video. The two performers often find that they are not in quite in the same space at the same time while they attempt to construct and decontruct their surroundings.

Marte Kiessling

Marte Kiessling works in a variety of media. With a conceptual approach, she reflects on the closely related subjects of archive and memory. This often results in an examination of both the human need for ‘conclusive’ stories and the question whether anecdotes ‘fictionalise’ history.

Her artworks directly respond to the surrounding environment and uses everyday experiences from her personal point of view as a starting point. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. She makes works that can be seen as self-portraits. Sometimes they appear idiosyncratic and quirky, at other times, they seem typical by-products of our daily lives.

Kiessling’s works are an investigation of concepts such as authenticity and objectivity by using an encyclopaedic approach and quasi-scientific precision and by referencing documentaries, ‘fact-fiction’ and local myths and legends. By using an ever-growing archive of her own personal belongings to create autonomous artworks, she tries to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way.

Additionally to her “solo”-work, she work with the international artist group “Global Alien”, as well as in collaborations with fellow artists and curators in order to organize shows and projects.

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Berlin, 2014, 4min 55sec, HDV
The work narrates decisions that my great-grandmother made during her life. These decisions influenced the future and the destiny of my whole family, up to the current work and social status of me as an artist nowadays.
The images are taken from my personal archive and the internet.





Hilary Goldberg

hilarygoldbergSan Franciso based queer artist and filmmaker Hilary Goldberg’s work ranges from narrative short films to experimental animation projects with live narration.  Their work has been presented internationally at film festivals, art galleries and universities.

Most recently Goldberg created the stop motion animated web series The Deer Inbetween and produced the award winning 20-filmmaker collaborative experimental feature film ValenciaValencia won the Jury Award for Best Experimental Feature at the 2013 Polari Film Festival and the Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature at Chicago Reeling 2013.

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fragments is an experimental animation short film still from fragmentsproject rendered with marmalade and puppetry. fragments follows the heart’s struggle to unify the smallest parts of stories with ones on the grandest scale. film by hilary goldberg. music by ted m superstar



Long Night of the Fungusstill from deer musical” from the stop motion web series The Deer Inbetween
Featuring: Usher (Michelle Tea), Stew (Ed Wolf), Wavies (DavEnd), Flying Saucer (Ben McCoy), Liberty (Kirk Read)
From The Deer Inbetween – Episode 6 (Season 1)
Created and Animated by Hilary Goldberg
Music by Ted M Superstar
Costume Design by Margaret HasleySound Design by Sophia Poirier

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Tamíris Spinelli

Tamiris SpinelliTo produce images has been a big paradox in my life since I started doing it. Images lie and can make almost every oppression look beautiful. Maybe because I don’t believe in a true image or in salvation trough representation, I have been making videos and other things trying to use images against themselves. Or maybe that’s just what I say to myself to be able to keep working on my obsessions.


Film Link (please note that english subtitles are available if you click on the “CC” button) :


From self-documentary images made by trans* people and posted online, this cinematography essay seeks to expand the look upon their bodies, focusing on the subjectivities that transform the matter-body.

Here’s the link to my online portfolio:

deborah s. philips


deborah s. philips ist in sehr verschiedenen bereichen tätig, z.b. als bildende künstlerin (die bilder macht in 2-, 3- oder 4-dimensionen) macht, als übersetzerin, oorganisatorin.

deborah s. philips works in number of different fields: as an artist (who makes 2-, 3-, & 4-D pictures), translator and organiser of events.

“ich wollte mich um kater jack kümmern. die strassen waren frei, also fuhr ich los mit dem rad…rote ampel – 2 autos stehen davor. also bremste ich – PFFFHP TT! & könnte nicht aufstehen, mich nicht mehr bewegen.”


Helga Bahmer

script and director for documentaries
After Helga Bahmer studied Art (video, photography, environmental design) at the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz, she visited the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. There, she deepened her knowledge in photography and documentary film. Later, she worked as a freelance photographer and filmmaker in Hamburg. Finally, she took part in the postgraduate courses of film directing at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, with Diploma in 2009. Since 2010 she is also mother of a son. Helga Bahmer lives and works in Hamburg.

Autorin und Regie für Dokumentarfilm
Helga Bahmer studierte Fotografie und Umweltgestaltung an der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz. Danach vertiefte sie ihr Wissen im Bereich Dokumentarfilm an der Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg. Schließlich folgte der Zusatzstudiengang Filmregie an der Kunsthochschule für Medien in Köln, mit dem Diplom 2009. Parallel zum Studium arbeitete sie bereits als freie Fotografin und Filmemacherin. Seit 2010 ist sie zudem Mutter eines Sohnes. Sie lebt und arbeitet als Filmautorin und Regisseurin in Hamburg.

Filmlinks: “Die vergessene Brigade” 07:37, 2007 “Phantomschmerz Mladic” 2012

Meine Webseite:

Johnny (Forever) Nawracaj

screen shotJohnny Nawracaj is a Polish-born writer, performer, and multidisciplinary artist currently based in Montreal. Their work weaves surrealist narrative through the use of song, fibres, video, gesture, illustration, and drag. In their academic and artistic pursuits they explore love, loss, and longing with a particular investment in these themes as a part of radical queer and trans cultural production.

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Garbage Island, 2012

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