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still from “Stop Talking: Suck On My Pear”, Alex Brew, 2013In 2007 I began freeing up time for self-led study and action. I left a very safe life. I had an idea of a project I wanted to begin which involved photographing men. I started with acquaintances but soon moved to strangers. I went into the street and started approaching men outside bars and offices and strip clubs. It was confrontational. I asked them to more private places like alleyways or back at mine. Once there I’d ask them to undress – at first just asking them to remove a jacket and then progressing further if I felt like it.  The process woke me up to some of the power dynamics I knew existed but hadn’t tested. Since then I’ve been involved in queer relationships and this newest video reflects that.  Stop Talking: Suck On My Pear was made after an ex-lover, Hanna Demel, and I saw a piece of work by a Norwegian artist called Marit Folstad. In that work the artist sucks on a banana. The work was aggressive and reminded me of my confrontations with men. I wanted to make something that sprung from where I stand now. We went down to our local cemetery and hid behind a tree and she sucked on a pear while I filmed it. It felt really fun and sexy to make.

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stop talking: suck on my pear


I have made quite a few films now – all short and experimental made with a small very unprofessional camera that doesn’t get in the way. The films include A Wish (for bird song) where I fulfill my teenage wish which – when I heard police sirens – was to remove my bra and spin it above my head in defiance. Finally I manage to rid the park of the sirens and I’m left with just the bird song. What a relief.

Other films include ‘Being a Sex-Object: Not for the Faint-Hearted’ and ‘Notes from a session: Military men and displays of masochistic exhibitionism and submission in the therapeutic relationship’

Please go to my old website via the British Library’s archive page for early work:

And this pdf on the Middlesex University site for more recent work:

As well as these films I spend time on activism and photographing it, and also on walking in the hills. I am making a series of landscapes and also working on drawings.